Ggeiger counter sound (radiation sound)

Plz made this less earrape!!!
I’m playing in headphones and it’s hurts so much!

I was thinking the same thing! especially since foot steps are so quite

Yeah, lower volume there would be appreciated. It’s hard on the ears.

A bump for this one. I have to remove my headphones when entering radtowns, and the volume isn’t even that high!

The sound feels like I’m sanding down my ear drums with a cheese grater.

Then you get a bow with 5 arrows, a bp for a sleeping bag, and a torch.

if your lucky!

I like it when I get apples and stone axes. Then I make apple sauce and stab out my eyes with the axe.

or you get an empty crate… and to add insult to injury the crate then launches away into the air, like a rocket bound for the moon, the only thing missing is the "lololololol noob"as it jettisons into space…

there should be no sound, there should be no note of how much radiation you have, you should just see the life go lower and lower.

agreed, but it is a legacy mechanic, and kind of a main style point of rust. maybe rather than health it should drain stamina?

They are lowering the sound in the next patch! good job team. :downs:

I partly agree with you but dying to ??? generally makes you mad. I don’t mind a little noise, something that lets you know but not my eardrums on a cheese grater sound we have now. I’m not even able to hear people on my chat when it happens.