Hey guys !

Since the gh_pripyat project is not possible anymore, I started working on another map : gh_penitentiary.
So, if you played gm_ghosthunt and gm_ghosthunt2 by Breadman, this is exactly the same thing, and if you don’t know those maps, here is the concept :
gh_penitentiary is a coop horror map where the biggest part of the events are random. The map is set in a huge abandonned penitentiary filled with ghosts, some will only want to be heard/seen, but some will also try to kill you.
For a better experience, the map will come with a custom (and very basic) gamemode that will allow players to chose one character (with a specific equipment for each one and with custom player models I made).
This gamemode will allow me to create a story (yes, this will be a serie of 3 maps I think) and to set a speed and weapon limitation for a better immersion.

Here are a few screenshots :

Videos :

Chasing ghost concept :

A few more informations :

  • the map design is inspired by the Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadephia
  • the map concept is similar to the Ghost Hunters (TAPS) TV show

Tell me what do you think about it guys, feedback and advice are welcome !

Question, will some of the ghosts be like those retarded moving func walls with a screamer face texture on them rapidly moving down a hallway?

No, I really don’t like this type of screamer, I want to make a “realistic” paranormal experience.

Just curious, why is gh_pripyat no longer possible?

Because of the brush limit, the map was too big and too detailled.

If that was the case, you could just propper the detailed brushes, and compile with a bigger brush limit.

I already did, but it wasn’t enough.

If you have that much detail in just a map, think about how much more you can do with it. You could easily turn that into a small source mod. Anyway, back to your new map!

Are you going to be adding external equipment similar to what was seen in ghost hunt? Such as movable cameras connected to several monitors or some type of “ghost detecting device”? Your work is really awesome, so keep it up!

Thanks ! About the external equipment, yes. I really like this feature in ghosthunt maps but I don’t want to do exactly the same thing as Breadman did, so I’ll try to improve it, with new equipment.

Now I’d like to have your advice on one point guys :

  • For you, what’s scarier ? a dark ambient music in background ? or a strong silence with only some ambient sounds and a low rumble sound in background ?

  • I was planning to add a searching system that will allow players to search in every storage objects like boxes, crates or shelves to find some objects like keys to unlock new areas. Do you like this idea ?

For my horror I prefer Ambient Sounds when nothing is happening, and Music when something is.

The searching sounds like it could be a good idea, would it have a UI or would it boil down to clicking on items and a text prompt saying “Huh, a key”?

I have to agree with Cyclocius, ambient sounds are the way to go in the horror genre. Don’t forget to make use of lighting to set a scary atmosphere, darkness is scary, but I personally wouldn’t have it everywhere on the map and only have lighting at the “base camp”.

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Maybe he could record a voice line with that sentence, convert to .wav, then tie that sound to a trigger on the box or crate that contains that object needed for the objective.

I tried with and without a background music, and it’s definitely better with one. But I love the idea to stop the music when something is about to happen, I’ll give it a try later.

About the searching system, it will be a prompting text with a “searching” sound playing. Oh and I just found how to make some entities spawning in random locations, so every game will be different.

The problem with music in horror is that certain situations call for a very particular sound track. Also, it’s not very scary if you lead the player to think something will happen, because they will be prepared for it. It’s best to catch them off guard. What you really should do is scare the player when they feel the safest in certain areas of your map, such as small rooms, well lighted areas, or hallways. So to wrap up my opinion, no music=scarier experience.

I have to agree with you, lighted areas make players feel safe, so it’s one of the best place to scare them, thanks for the idea. About the music, I still don’t know what to do … I have to find a good balance by making some tests.

Like I said, it depends on the situation, if your actually going to be fighting enemies, then perhaps music would work in this case. But if not, and you simply want to allow the player to explore and be scared by what he finds, then I would definitely recommend avoiding the use of music, or at the very least limit your use of it. Nightmare House 2’s fight sequences sometimes had some music along with it, for example, but limited it’s usage when they really wanted to try and scare you.

I’ll give it a try, and if the result is good then I will upload a short video soon. Thanks for the advice !

2 New screenshots added on the first post.
Now the map is about 60% of its completion.

How did you come up with the layout for your map? Is it completely made up or is their a layout of Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia on the internet?

I made the map layout myself, but it’s very similar to some penitentiary layouts I found on internet.