gh_pripyat - the ghosts of Pripyat

First of all, the new project is very different from the original one, we’re now a team of 3 people working on it

Project’s staff :

  • Steinman78
  • OptimUm
  • Rena (aka エルルゥ)

Description :
Gh_Pripyat is a coop horror maps serie that take place in the Chernobyl zone and more precisely in the ghost town of Pripyat.
Here are some of the features :

  • Real Pripyat and Chernobyl places
  • Random and scripted scary events (like ghosts appearance)
  • Up to 4 players in coop
  • Storyline
  • “Safe” zone at the beggining of each maps
  • Custom player models and weapons made for the map
  • Custom gamemode (maybe…)
  • Scary SNPCs
  • a lot more…

The project was initially a single giant map that took place in the main Pripyat main place but I had to change my plans because of the Hammer limits that doesn’t want to compile my map anymore. So the map has now been divided in multiple maps.
In every maps, the players will spawn in a “safe” zone (or a lobby) where they can wait for all players before starting the map.
The first map will take place in the village in the forest anround Pripyat and in the vehicles graveyard, this is the map I’m actually working on.

Media :

Screenshots :

the Town :

Undergrounds :

Videos :

(Testing some scary SNPCs on the first map) :

(Custom Player Models) :

(Old stuff) :

Hit ALT-P to find invalid geometry caused by vertex manipulation. Make sure you don’t have any props inside a wall. That tends to cause the “Node without a volume” error

If this entire model was ripped from Stalker which it seems to be. It would be entirely possible that is the cause. The STALKER Dev’s modeled their environments in a REALLY retarded way. Mesh’s within each other all over the place. Mesh’s connected to another on other sides of the map. Random groupings of props attached to other misc props that are nothing alike etc.

put some smokevolumes up in the air

A lot of models used in this map are ripped from S.T.A.L.K.E.R games by z-o-m-b-i-e but this is the first time I have this problem …
I also converted some groups of blocks into props with propper, because there were too many verts in the map, but it worked fine too since I converted a huge construction into a prop

Your compile log stated something about empty volume node.

Find it and fix it.

I ran your entire log through, and the only error was what people said above; node without a volume.

To get results like the picture above (and to not wait for Facepuncher’s to post and hope they’re right), follow this hyperlink to go to the Interlopers Error Log Checker. Just throw your compile log in there whenever you think there’s an issue, and it’ll spit out any errors from it and tell you how to fix em’.

I do not like those SCP sounds in the ghost trap as they are too connected to SCP containment breach, and I am not sure about things just killing you with no way to avoid it.

Wow nice map. Only minus i can think off is the sign, you should see if somebody would make a model for you

Your Ghost trap could use some work, a ragdoll in a reference pose with red lighting doesn’t strike me as scary.

The only thing I’d say, and I don’t know why this bugs me so, but on the Pripyat sign the я could be cut a little cleaner.

Change the vmt location and try compiling again. Had that problem too and it seems that its working after changing location or filename.

I’m liking the idea of ghosthunt in Pripyat,

Please don’t add alot of jumpscares, they’re not that scary.

Add things like being chased, seeing something crawling away or separating your group so that you’re alone.

50,000 people used to live here…now it’s a ghost town.

Some first class work.

Is it in your workshop yet?

Hey guys, I’m back on the project with a lot of news about the map :

First of all, the previous version of the map was too big for Hammer, and it was impossible for me to compile it anymore.
So I decided to make separated maps and with a storyline. It will allow me to make the complete town.
For the first map, I decided to recreate the forest and the small village around Pripyat.
I also applied some of your suggestions like adding some creatures and not only ghosts.

You can see some news in this video :

Then all you have to do is use those “next chapter” teleporting entities that hl2 uses to start the next level. (make sure to make them 2-way). You know, with a map this big, you could probably make this into a mod of some kind. Not just a map pack. :v:

I’m not sure if it would really fit with what you’re aiming for, but I guess you could use those shadow people graffitis somehow.

I’d imagine it like you walk by a house, while the graffiti isn’t there, then you get there again at some later point and the graffiti suddenly is there.

Sure this isn’t really freaky, but if combined with some other changing stuff, it makes the player feel uncomfortable, knowing the world “changes” without actually knowing why or how.

Also, not quite sure if this would be possible, but you could try making them dynamic, like a projected texture or such so that way you could make them walk or do something, so they draw the attention of the player, and while the player is distracted, let something else happen to freak them out.

that’s a very good idea ! thanks mate, I’ll try to do this kind of things in the maps that take place inside the town (some will be outside like in the pripyat village or in the vehicles graveyard)

I’ve completely redone the thread, adding a lot of new screenshots, some videos, and explained the new map objective.