Ghat fires a pistol while holding an injured Deadra

I’m after C&C, and I already know which parts are bad.

  1. Blood is too bright
  2. Muzzle flash sucks

And also these are my first blood and muzzle edits, before I used in game blood and muzzle flashes and edited those. Please be nice. :ohdear:

Muzzleflash looks like a flower


I wouldn’t know, haven’t seen Watchmen yet.

Muzzleflash looks like a dandelion.

“Fear me!” poof; dandelion

Posing looks rather stiff. Blood looks like red paint.

Posing rather stiff, are you talking about Deadra? Because I put lots of effort into Ghat.

Well, with Ghat, his hip is like HURR I’M GOING TO STICK OUT IN THIS DIRECTION. But yes, Daedra’s posing’s pretty stiff in my opinion. I could be looking at this wrong as I’m not familiar with these characters (at all to be honest, not sure what they’re even from :v:).

By that I mean, I’m not sure what exactly it is, but there’s something about Ghat - it may be his model, not your posing, however - that is bothering me.

It’s probably the model, they have differently made anatomy I think.

Then there’s where I’ve gone wrong - sorry. :v:

Nice pose the muzzle looks wierd

Deadra looks rather tired or drunk than injured.

Deadra is hard to facepose. Most faces make her look drunk. And why has noone acknowleged the map yet? It’s not a green screen :wink:

I don’t mean the face.
She could be lying on Ghat’s arm if you know what I mean.


Use AA instead of blur

Blood needs to be darker, and not smugded (You like smugde?)

For the muzzleflash and blood I’m going to link Vman’s awesome tut. below, since this is your first time editing blood and muzzle (Trust me, its way better than my first)

I’m going to say some thing, I’m not the best poser, so maybe I’m wrong. So, there are the things. Ghat looks like a photomodel, showing of the side of his pants (lol). Deadra was supposed to be injured right? Usually injured people don’t stand upright, make her laying on Ghat’s shoulders, and He is holding her with his left hand. About the muzzleflash… I don’t know how muzzleflashes look in the original game, but You can use some other, and yes, see Vman’s tutorials. For the blood I can’t say anything, I still use smudge. But if this is your first, second, third pose, it’s pretty good to start with, posing is and art. And an art looks easy, until you trie it.

I’ve been posing for a while, it’s just the models are a lil awkward at times.