Ghille suit

I have come back to my project Tactical Snipers and i need some Ghille suits, i mean what is a sniper game without ghille suits?

google images pics:

color swatches:

i dont know much about modeling but can you make one ghille suit and color it each with a different color (i.e Black, Brown, Forest Green, Light olive.)

more suits:

so basically it is just a tangled mess of yarn. If it is good enough i might be able to scrape together some money and give you around $5-10 USD VIA PayPal

do you know how many ghillie suit we had for gmod and you didnt even searched?


I’ve seen about two and both are from MW games. They have hardly any frontal camo and that’s exactly what OP is requesting.

Ill check them out but i prefer it to be highly camoflauged