Ghillie and M82.


Pose by



Ooh yeah.

as sexy as sexy can get

“Boom, nutshot.”


Now where did you get that M82.

Pose looks nice, edit is good also

Hacked it myself. Releasing sometime soon.

Hot damn, a slide back version too!?

As for the pic, very nice, both posing and editing, my only suggestion would be to have more smoke (both near the barrel and the shell ejector) and less of a flash (pics with silenced weapons are the only time that I critique the exaggeration of a muzzle flash)

wow whoever modelled that is an idiot
it’s super thick and just modelled wrong

also, suppressors don’t have muzzleflashes

Then, pray tell, what does that gun actually look like?

Althought a suppressor is very rare on the M82a1, it does exist and looks like this:


A pose? Where?

You’re the idiot. The Barrett’s fine.

I love how the shell is ejecting. Great work.

my god you’re right shiban, look at how the model is not wider compared to the real thing

Are you complaining about its front barrel? If so, you do realize the one he is releasing has a suppressor, right?

It’s only a little bit off; otherwise it’s fine. Stop complaining. I modeled a Barrett myself and I have diagrams and specs.

When the fuck did this place turn into a fighting ground for angsty perfectionist pricks? Seriously, just enjoy the picture.