Ghillie In the Forest (Even more genericness)

Ghillie In the Forest

No Rain Version




If I told you how long it took for me to make all the sky spots glow…

looks Cool,

But IMO the rain lacks depth

Maybe you’ll appreciate the no-rain version. :v:

I already do…

… I already do …

…He already does…:geno:

I like how you toned down the colors on the pic, but the shading looks a bit random and it seems that you didnt isolated.


I like the rainless version moar.

Nah man it’s just that he’s glowing with awesomeness :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I wanted to isolate but I was still in awe at my beams of light. :v: If I could have one wish, it would be for me to be able to redo my lighting. Oh well, more pictures to come!

more like awful character model proportions in the forest.

laser pointer should be a bit brighter and have farther range before stopping
rain lacks depth and camera angle is a bit boring
posing looks alright though