Ghillie In The Morning Mist

Wow! Looks great. I would think he would be prone though?

I wish there was anti aliasing

I tryed to make it look like he was running from field to field but being steathy about it

It looks kinda strange around his feet.

Some AA would be nice, I like the feel and mood of the picture.

sexy editing
nice job

Looks like a player just standing and aiming.

Need more boobs.

Naah I jest. Pretty nice edit there. Beautiful light.

The graphics look like there from modern warfare 2 looks nice

Nope, its from its big brother Cod4.

Looks good and all, but how the heck did you get that model to work!

That model is so stiff, like worse than the Tf2 models.

wow, great

i changed the phy files around