Ghillie on the grassy hill.

I’m new here on Facepunch, and it’s been long since I’ve posed a picture, so enjoy and give me some feedback.

It’s been long before you posted at all.

Wouldn’t doubt it if it were stolen though, still nice.

That’s actually kinda epic in my opinion. Posing is good, only large problem I see is the annoying close-up low detailed grass. The background and the darkened edges fit very well. Good job.

Is it your first? I see you’re new.

shooting Kennedy

W/O editing


Im new on Facepunch, but I’m not new to posing or editing.

Wow, nice work, i think you’ll do fine as well.


Mind if i can use tag for ya?

Because the Texas school book depository had a huge field in it complete with a tree :buddy:
jk jk, but the bloom is a bit excessive.


Sure, whatever a tag is.

That looks sweet.


Damn that’s nice. Been too long since I’ve seen your stuff man.

Yeah… It’s good to be back, in a new pond.

Very good. Not a bad picture at all.


Pretty decent work you got there. Have artistic.

Looks like that Crysis picture

Looks pretty neat, I like those sun beams :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the comments.