Ghillie Player Model+Possible Weapon

Hello there! I have recently acquired a ghillie suit model and W_model for a ghillie weapon. I want the ghillie to be made into a player model and the weapom to be made with the features of the model, (Scope, Ghillie wrap, Silencer), Also if it is possible, Please no crotch guns.(They annoy me very much!) if somone could please fulfill this request I would be extremely greatful! The ghillie model is already a ragdoll but I, being lazy, doesn’t want to learn how to make it. Thank You for your consideration!

Sorry Guys, I’m to dumb to post ref pics, to tell you the models are already made they just need to be rigged and turned into a player model and a swep.


I second request this.


Because a i need in this category:

Ghillie Suit Soldier (green)
GSS with Multicanm, Woodland, ACU and Flecktarn

I have been working on this for a while. Can’t get the animations to work, but yeah, it’s still a player model. I’ll say this again. THERE ARE NO ANIMATIONS AT ALL.