Ghillie Sniper wandering Radioactive area


Too bright, seen hundreds of times, stop putting :stuck_out_tongue: or :wink: when u post it makes me wanto hate you more

At least make the fellow glow…other than that I see no hint of radiation

“When that ticker goes off, you get the hell outa there…” As said before, overdone subject, underdone picture. Go for originality, a really easy way is to avoid war themed poses.


A lil to generic dude, try something different :3

It’s okay. Some ugly textures and the fire are distracting. The chopper looks like it’s accelerating too fast, or is dropping in altitude (which is probably a bad idea, considering it looks about 20ft in the air as it is). Its pilots are staring at the ground too.


Yeah 'cos you can totally see radiation just hanging in the air.

Umm radiation isn’t visible.

For the pic. What Chesty said and it’s pretty boring.