Ghillie Suit Player and Weapon.


ghillie weapon?

A gun that causes targets to be enveloped in moss?

Ha, no its just a silenced sniper with a ghillie wrap on it.

I very much preferred the former.

How about this Combine Ghillie suit model I made into a player?

If you are referring to the COD4 one, then you need someone to rig it. Then I can make it a player

Well i have two ghillie models, (They both most likely need rigging!) And jason your combine ghillie is something i have downloaded in the past but I like the more authentic kind, do you know of anyone who can rig? Also anyone who can help me on the gun?

There is some people who can rig, check around the models/skins section. Not sure who is busy and who is not

Shameful Bump–

Anyone there???

Yeah, I’m here. Been working on the COD4 player model, but it crashes gmod and the sdk when I try to load it.