Ghillie suit

Could anyone that has the ghillie suit upload it ?
I know it has been released on
but I’m on smallband + I’ve got limited download so dads that are a pin , don’t like their kids to dl above 30mb / day

so all I’m asking for is just the ghillie suit
thanks in advance !

just the mdl files (& the others of the model) & materials would do fine …

can someone do this please?

Wait a darn second, were you the guy on Gmod today messing up my stuff? I was the guy posing Metro Cops.

I don’t think so :o, gmod server or what?


if you mean gmod server, I don’t play gmod that much , I was at a soccer game today x)

********************************** better now?

To above message: Shut up.

Theres a reason theres a PM button, its for stuff like this.

PM the guy who made them, ask him for them

btw what would you do if no one answered your call even if it’s that simple… & I already pm’ed the dude but at “Send Files” or something it says 0 so I don’t know if its sended or not and I don’t want to spam his pm…

don’t even mind anymore… someone made it for me

O…k, this person is odd. why only 80kb/day? a little small doncha think?

80kb / day? never said that…
in belgium, most people have got limited internet, we have 30gb / month & 4 people using it
so take 30 days : 30 gb = 1gb per day
1 gb per day : 4persons = 250mb/person per day
but sometimes someone downloads above that limit so we have to be carefull what we download…
otherwise our internet will be reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal slow like it is now for 2 weeks