Ghillie Suited Sniper, Tests out the World's Newest Technology

Thread Music.


C&C as always and, my first Real job at textureing

i didnt expect that

Oh wow.

Robot turtles?

Not robots…

Doesn’t make the best get-a-way car, I can tell ya that.

You don’t need to get away when your on a giant turtle, nothing can stop you.

Unless you get turned on your back.

There’s no hope for you then.


Btw does anyone like the Thread music?

oh and i need to know whats wrong.

One thing I notice is that the sniper is clipping into the turtle shell.

Yep, noticed that too.

Does anyone like the texturing job i did?

looks like a snake.

D’aww, it’s a turtle.

Snake scales texture :v: