Ghillie suited soldier shoots a russian..


Ouchie mama. Me like. +1 art.

Maybe a tad excessive on noise.
Excellent :slight_smile:

Exellent as always

to much noise though

i dont think you would see any of that blood coming from his back tbh, looks like he was hit by a chainsaw!

pretty nice though.

The noise looks pretty dumb to be honest.

when you guys say noise, i take it you mean the graininess?

That’s the technical term, yes.



Why would he shoot with a sniper and such close range? Whatever I would think he would use his pistol

Why the fuck would you bother slinging your rifle and drawing your pistol just to shoot one guy? Either way the guy you want to shoot is going to die so there’s no point wasting time deciding what weapon to use.

Omg >_<
Where does everybody get these goddamn ghillie models

On The Other hand using the sniper at that close of a range would be a waste of ammo
Good Job
1+ Art fur u

Or knife 'im.

A waste of ammo? 1 round. I would rather be safe and put a 7.62 in someone’s back rather than spend valuable seconds drawing a 9mm or a .45.

What would be the point? Considering the picture is in daylight, stealth probably isn’t a factor here. Trying to take someone down with a melee weapon is such an unnecessary risk.

^^ Agreed. This isn’t Call of Duty 4.

I wouldn’t do that in CoD4 anyway, 50% chance he has that grenade drop perk. Haven’t played in ages.

90% chance of dropping one, since there tons of nubs in cod 4

Can I get a link to the Models?

I loved that CoD4 mission in Chernobyl.


Wait why is it so grainy

To address your first point, if he were that close, I think he might have already drawn a sidearm.

To address the second, he’s in a goddamn ghillie suit - he wouldn’t be in one if he wasn’t shooting for stealth.
You do know the point of a ghillie is to blend in with with the ground, right?