Ghillied Sniper(s) moving through a forest

Can you find all the Ghillies???

Ha. Pretty funny.

2 in the tree, 2 on the ground, 1 in the car, 1 on the car, 1 beside the car, 1 beside a tree, and 2 stabbing a guard, A total of 10

this is why they don’t let blind guys guard cars parked in the middle of a forest

This toatally sums up All Ghillied up in Cod4 :stuck_out_tongue:
Priceless. Or is it?

What do I win?

I lolled hard. Russian guy’s like “Gee there sure are a lot of bushes with knives around here…”

Awesome picture, able to deliver lulz.

Have a funny!

Loled at the Knife and at the ghilly in the car.
Ghilly suit+Color blind guards=More fun than you can possibly imagine.
I found 10.
I also found you a funny.
And is that a Beretta M9 I see?

This one made me lol pretty hard. You get a funny :smiley:

I wounder whos going to get the kill.

The guy coming down on the rope is great.

the russian is probably really glad he isn’t surrounded by ghillie suited sas operatives, and the ghillie suited sas operatives are probably thinking that the russian is blind and retarded.

“I sense no danger here…”

Hmm, those bushes look a little dead, but why are they moving?, hmm probably just wind, but one is with a rope, whatever it could be a spider.

I spotted a gap in the scenebuild before I spotted the final ghilly :ohdear:
Still lol’d

amazing funny hehehe XD