Ghillies from CoDMW2

I would like to have ghillie guys from MODERN WARFARE 2(Not from cod4) all of the types: Forest, Arctic, Urban and Desert.
Here are some pics

nah take the one from cod4 they are better.

Going to have to disagree with you on that, the Call of duty: MW2 ones are alot better than anything that COD4 had, seeing as these have alot higher resolution skins.

and plus you have Sand,Woodland and Snow to choose from! :smiley:


Two things wrong with that picture…

  1. You tryed to put spolier tags on a picture, that doesen’t work.
  2. Why has a sniper got a shotgun?? :v:

the cod4 ghillie have much more grass on you so the camo works alot more…

2.Bec i like it. :smiley:

Yeah I think I like the cod4 ghillie suits better. Although, including ghillie suits from mw2 would be cool too.

I want them, because i can’t pose forest camo snioer in a desert or arctic map!

yeah we need ghille suits! i need one for my video

No one could port one?>_<

I hope so…

Photoshop, mate.