Gho$t's Serious Roleplay Community.

Half Life 2 Roleplay Server.
Howdy… This is a server advertisement for the new community, Gho$t’s Serious City 8 Roleplay. I, myself am the Combine Commander (I didn’t ask for the job). I have noticed a rise in quality Roleplay over the past couple days and I would like to extend my hand to others to come join in, and build a great community. We do need a couple more CPs, and a few qualified resistance members. (I’ll train the CPs myself, Kiley/Ghost [head admin] will train the resistance members.) We’re also looking for more Civil Workers Union members, and a couple citizens. All in all, we need just about everything. The server admin is also accepting donations. Contact nik6069 if you’d like to help out. I emplore you to come on, play for a little while and see how you like it! You can add me on steam friends at sickjitz if you’d like to talk to me about the server. Or you can talk to nik6069 (Gho$st)
The server uses the game mode Kiwi, which is derived off of GCRP. Me and the others will do our best to accommodate all new players! My in-game name is C08.101892.Commander Ortiz.C08
Thanks for looking! If you have any questions or anything else, please just post in this thread or feel free to add/talk to me on steam friends.

Server info is below.

That was wrote by sickjits

Infection Roleplay.

Hello, this is a advertisement fro my infection server its based in a rural farmland we use necropolis maps, there lots of fun and we invite you to join us, we have no zombies ect, but its about roleplaying in a different perspective, although we have a huge zombie invasion every weekend. We run the rural map so we encourage yall to come on by to the server.

All info for all 3 is bellow.

These downloads ensure error free game play, Note: if you have visited taco and banana you just need the sniper, and the map if you do not wish to auto download.

Please don’t ever use a horrible gamemode such as Kiwi and anything related to Dark RP or so called " RDM Gamemodes " For the beloved Half Life 2 Roleplay…

Kiwi.X is not close to DarkRP, it is a GCRP mod, please don’t call hard work horrible.

Hard work… and horrible are not related.

Someone can work really hard on something, and it can still be extremely horrible.

Stop trolling this thread if you dislike the gamemode you can leave.

He wasn’t trolling, he was just pointing out a logic flaw. Criticism is fine as long as it’s constructive.

Exactly my point…

I’m fairly certain you don’t know the definition of Troll Mr. Roleplay World.

A troll, is someone who annoys and or harrass’s someone until the point of they can’t defend themselves.

End of story.

I think you need to look up the definition too.

You’re using shit kiwi? It’s a edit of a edit which has so much tacoscript code you might as well just use Tacoscript.


What is the actual definition, if you don’t mind me asking. I’d like to know for future reference.

As with I…

For all great questions, we turn to Wikipedia for the answer…

Ah. Makes sense, thankyou, greasemonkey.


Also, greasemonkey, what are your thoughts on Kiwi, assuming that is an appropriate question.

Well my thoughts of Kiwi, is that it is a bunch of code put togather from other scripts, no to say its a bad thing its not being sold or anything, i am just saying its conflicts with the roleplay, like the door system doesnt work well at all, the anamtions are sorta broken even with the GCF models, and i think that Cakescript would have better roleplay then that script, but it has alot of great things too, such as Radio system, Knock system, ration system, and other great things. but its laggy and not worth the time.

I’m not a huge fan or RP in general. My love for RP died when LightRP did.

Switched to tacoscript 2 but were keeping and modding kiwi.x for the other server.

First person that has the same thoughts as me. I wish that old styled GM9 role-play would return, although it wouldn’t be the same.



Elaborate on “modding” please?

Modding, as in taking snips of code from other projects and putting it into the gamemode and calling it there own.

Seems like roleplay world, haha. If Kiwi is what everyone says, It’s a disgrace and piece of shit to use.

Because the owner stole 85% or more of the code. And he wont use cake just because he thinks its inferior. Kiwi is a shit edit, I’ll admit that. It uses bits and pieces of scripts and codes like cake and taco and the owner didn’t give credit for most of it.

EDIT: Holy balls first bobo’s server or something now this, how many communities do you have within a month?

Actually I dont own bobos at all just a advertisement.

Also Kiwi.X is being made no ripped code. atm TacoScript2