Ghook broken please help

Hello, so i recently downloaded the grappling hook from the workshop and when i go on my server to use it i cant go anyware… The grappling hook like takes me 2 feet in the air but barely and i cant go on top of buildings or anything. Does it have to do with the gravity? I play on another server that uses it and its totally fine. I fly everywhere. Thanks and please help.

Post a link to the addon.


Read the description:

It has a cvar (grapple_distance)that defines its maximum range. The default range is -1 (unlimited). It will not latch onto anything that is out of range. This makes it useful in applications such as stranded, spacebuild, or roleplay. 

Yes but the other rp server i play on has it and it works fine. Is their a way i can change the cvar and would that help?

That’s what a cvar is. A variable you can change.

Ok so wat would i change it to?

Change it via the server console.

Wat do you mean by that?

Are you using a dedicated server, or a listen server?

Im using a host. Nfo servers

So use their server console tool.

But wat do i do with it.

Change the cvar (grapple_distance).

ok so type in console cvar(grapple_distance) 3
or something like that?
sorry im not smart at all with this stuff

grapple_distance distance

ok thanks does it matter wat the distance is. Also i would do this in the console of the actual server correct or in the file?

Server console. The description says make it -1 to allow infinite range.

when i type grapple_distance -1
it says invalid command

Can you post the code of the grapple hook in