Ghost about to be executed

well i haven’t posed in a while i know the space is a bit bland but yeah :frowning:

put the / on the other side





Is the picture shit?
Answer = Yes

Why is the picture shit?
Answer= Lack off good graphics,posing,camera angle.

Thank you for using critism Bot 9000. Have a nice day.

[sp]Still trying to improve my english lol[/sp]

Try using harder words if want to. Don’t use ones you already know :Science:

Harder Words?
What do you mean? Instead of shit or what?

The posing doest look so bad, but the graphs and the map are very bad.

It looks like the soldiers eyes aren’t looking at ghost, like he’s forcing him to watch something.

So much wasted space.

Are you an annoying troll who shits on ALL of my threads?


Do i try to see some of the nice things in your work?