Ghost and his old commander about to breach a room

First pose on my fresh install of GMod for the 6’th time.

Well, Ghost is posed nicely, but the actual soldier is odd. He shouldn’t be leaning forward so mcuh.

I payed more attention to ghost because he’s a pimp :smug:

I hate the pong on the modern warfare models, someone should fix those. (AKA for the masses.)

How do you breach a door without the actual door itself. :ohdear:

Sorry, but this is hilarious. The posing on the other guy is terrible, it looks like he’s waiting for a high-five that he will never get. The map looks very dull (at least that specific spot does), and the guys inside are posed in a way that’s just bad.

At least Ghost looks decent, might as well have cropped everything else out of the picture, except him.

Needs some work on some of the posing.