Ghost Ban

I was trying to join a RP server when the message pops up that I’m banned. I talked with the admins and they’ve all said that the banlist is empty and that no one banned me either. We’ve already tried banning me and unbanning me but it still doesn’t work. We’ve tried everything but to no avail. As if the server banned me or something when the SAs didn’t. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Show the ban message.

Only time I’ve seen this happen is if you’re repeatedly getting the rcon password wrong. What was the ban message?

That’s not the ban reason. Do you remember what it said when you were disconnected? Something like “Disconnect: Added to ban list.”?

There is no reason for it. None of the admins banned me. The server somehow banned me during the time I left and I can’t get into the server.


Did you try to send an RCON command with the wrong RCON password multiple times? If so, then that’s the reason why you’ve been banned and that ban will generally lift after a server restart.

Alright. I’ll see what I can do then.

With DarkRP you can also do commands in the scoreboard, maybe you got randomly banned by someone in the scoreboard and if you look in ulx/evolve then you cannot see the ban, you have to go to scoreboard > server settings > unban > here you can see all the bans made trough the scoreboard.