Ghost Battalion - Vietnam War(Letter/Not Story)

*Dear Mother,

It has been a month since I last wrote you a letter. I’m here to tell you that I’m fine ,but I need to ask you something. A week ago we got a mail-call from a class of 5th graders from Houston, Texas. The letter I was given was bone chilling. It was a child saying that his brother was in the same battalion as us ,and that he can’t wait till he returns home this month. The reason I found this bone chilling was because this young man seemingly doesn’t realize his brother was killed in action by a VC Deadfall. I’m writing you this letter to ask… Have you ever recieved any of the reports of me ever getting hurt? Two months back I fell under a jeep ,and almost broke my back. They said they were gonna tell you immediately ,but this recent letter puts me in belief something is going horridly wrong. If you find out what is going mother please tell me.

Your Son,

PFC. Andrew Daneckson
13th Ranger Battalion Bravo Company

*Sorta short ,but I’m slowly working on the concept… Ghost Battalion(13th Ranger Battalion) is a group of soldiers which is completely hidden from the world. They never have casualties… They are never hurt. No one questions whether or not they exist or not. One day from a mail call Andrew Daneckson finds himself bone shaken by a letter which speaks of a young 5th grade student un-aware his brother who is in Vietnam has been dead for a month. Andrew finds himself hound downed by his superiors who said he no longer has rights to mail. With this Andrew ,and squad Hotel of Bravo Company go on a desperate search to find answers of what is going on with the world around them.

You’ve caught my intrest, go on…