Ghost Being Chased by Some People

Well, I ran out of ideas for a long time, so I tried something with the Sanchez modles, adn that car from GTAIV…Well here ya go!




(Also; I posted the original with out the muzzleflash in the ‘Edit My’ thread)


Gonna post this guy seeing as he’s not worth his own thread;

Titile was gonna be; * Ultranationalist Chillen* or something like that

C&C :smile:
Enjoy or Don’t!

Nice posing and editing.

The guy who is falling’s face pose is a bit odd. I wouldn’t still look worried when falling off and being shot. I would be shit scared about whether I was going to die. His face looks to me that he just ate a bad apple.
Nice work though.

Thanks guys, Oh and I updated the OP

Go easy on the contrast.

^ Agreed, went kinda overboard with it, but it’s otherwise good.
I can’t make much sense out of it though.

i lol’d when i saw he was getting chased by ellis, nick, and francis


Updated OP with V2! =D

Ghost’s eyes. :smug:

Nice posing, good use of blur. The V2 helped to clear up some of the details that were too dark to see in the original. Great work