Ghost Busters - Ghost hunting in Gmod

Hello, and welcome to Specter City, a land of wonderment and ghouls.

Ghost Busters is a simple gamemode.
There are two teams, Busters and Ghouls. The game takes place in a city, filled with many innocent bystanders with poorly coded AI. The Busters job is to protect these poor beings of simple code. The Ghouls job is to suck them into the Realm Of The Dead™! By doing this they gain SOULS (:ghost:) which allow them to gain upgrades to their gory arsenal.

However the busters have a secret weapon! So secret infact, that all I know is that it can magically transform ghouls into the bystanders that ghoul had ‘devoured’. All very complicated I know. :v: Using this they can increase the bystander count, which in the end is all that matters really. Seems a bit overpowered eh? Good thing for the ghouls that they can’t actually be seen until they show themselves. As soon as they do though, the Hi-Tek Ghost Tracking Screen™ will show them where the ghoul is! Ooooh, fancy balancing techniques.

TODO list: (x means done)
Teams - - 100%
Skins - - 100%
AI - - 100%
Weapons - - 90%
Map(s) - - 90%
Overall - - 75%


I’m not great with media so that’s all you get. :3:

Q: Did you deliberately steal Kwigg’s thread title?
A: Yes, yes I did.

Q: Was Kwigg annoyed?
A: Well he was too slow to even get it straight away:

Q: Will this gamemode have the real ghostbusters soundtrack?
A: Depends, I don’t jerk about legally where Bill Murray is involved! D=

Kwigg: Wait
Kwigg: thats like swapping the words around

I said :thats like swapping the words around, IMMEDIATLEY after i said wait


Your gamemode has different conditions to mine, the only solid similarity is the fact that it uses ghosts.

And you stole my title and lied…

No u. :v:

Oh yes, I love this competition.

:3: Don’t we all.

If this one works, It seems like the only one that will be balanced.

Why thankyou good sir. :3:

I feel pacific.

I feel… Atlantic? :3:

Anyway, in regards to the gamemode, code is actually being done, just base stuff though, nothing I can show with media.

Update: I’ve done a basic test map, and finished the scoreboard. Gonna start some effects and such soon.

Update again: Scoreboard fancyness added, coded spawn points and a mostly complete simple AI. Also coded soul capturing for Ghouls.

Im loving how Kwiggs hasn’t said anything lol

He’s on holiday. :v:

When will he be back?

Read his thread, he’ll be back before the end of the week.

I think the code is now permanently burned into my brain.


Those bubbles are hints which only show when you hold Q, they’re not permanent.

Looks good so far.

Actually its 96% :eng101: