Ghost crash within seconds of start (please i need help)

I put a post in the old errors forum some months ago

After discussing if my PC meets the requirements (my computer meets the requirements to perfection), and that people with worse equipment than mine played without problems. A forum administrator gave me the following answer:

*You have 3 options:
Update your PC (nonsense)
Wait for this game on STEAM
refund the game
(by the way that I think is a rather disappointing response from your team)

Now, the game is already in Steam. I still have the same problem

Start playing and in a few more seconds, my interaction with the game stops working, but I can move and read global chat
I mean, I see eating animals. Attacked the animals, they keep eating like that, like I had lag.
Still, the global chat works normally. At this point I can not cut down trees or loot
I see other players moving as lag
The team works well, the connection works fine, I have no open processes, and yet the game is not working properly.

No any error message appears on the screen or console

Please i need help

p.d: sorry for my english

Edit: my ip address is always in dmz mode
edit: I even see the plane fly xDD
Edit: ping tests Madrid ping test England ping test Germany ping test

edit: I upload my output_log. A session from a clean reinstall

Try setting your router in DMZ mode, it’s caused by shitty internet connections.

my ip address is always in dmz mode :S thanks anyway

Can you go to and post your results here - or better yet, try and find a jitter test server close to the location of the rust server your trying to play on.

This issue seems to be very reliant on your internet connection being stable. Madrid ping test England ping test Germany ping test

the ip of the server was playing up to germany

thanks again