Ghost dual wielding

First edit in a while.
I have to admit that the shading is a little sloppy, I made this in 30 minutes or so.
I’m not saying that it’s sloppy because I did it fast. I just can’t work on screenshots for more than 45 minutes, I feel that my it loses its soul if I work too long on something.

D Original:


A little boring (guy shooting offscreen), but for what is there, it’s quite nice. I like the dodging and burning you did.


nice smoke too

Why would you use the S.T.A.R.S Berettas?
I like the editing and for the fact his shades are blue instead of safety-glass-orange.

I like the flash, smoke and motion-blur. Shading is not as good as it usually is for you, and the pose is a little boring. Overall though; nice editing.

Why not?
I didn’t want to give him double desert eagles because that would just start a shitstorm about it not being realistic. And these guns looked both big and not so high calibre so I picked them instead.

Good man…