Ghost exploision ent

So basically I am trying to make a swep which spawns a ent and throws it (which I know how to do) and I want the ent to explode and in a certain radius it ghost props. I kinda know where to start, just make the ent > set a timer on ENT:Init > but how do I get the radius and ghost all the props in that radius for a certain amount of time… I know this seems like a lot but I don’t think it is, then again idk so xD. Please point me in the direction to go.

Before the entity is about to explode,
Get the area of it, like this:

And regarding ghosting, i think you could just make the entites no cloided with the enitity it self, like this:

or like this in a hook

or like this

Not sure what is better

Ok, how do I make the explosion effect? Thx btw