"ghost" files

Recently, my ttt server for gmod has been suffering from a major issue. We had installed this one map, ttt_space_Station. However, we found it to be shit, and removed it from the server. We deleted the .bsp, made sure it wasn’t in addons or in a server collection, removed the nav, yet somehow its still appearing in the map vote. We tried many methods to get rid of it permamently, but we cannot.(and by appearing in map vote, i mean people can still vote for it, and the map works, dispite the .bsp being gone). We cannot do a bypass using our mapvote system as it works on map Preflexes, and we are unable to afford geting another map vote system. I hope someone can help us with this… we couldn’t find anything by googling.

If the map actually loads the bsp is still there. You need to do a search on your server files

We tried to. We didn’t find any.

reinstall the map vote