GHOST-Gang Server Help

Hi all,
GHOST-Gang community host’s a DarkRP and MineCraft server for your enjoyment but recently we’ve run into a bit of a money trouble and so the servers are down but hopefully will be back up soon. You may have heard of us before and or played on our servers before it went down which we will hope you will come back and enjoy all the new stuff being added in to make it a unique RolePlay experience. We currently only have one Lua coder at our disposal (me) and so far the content is great (in my opinion and the Owners opinion). A Brief breakdown of what we have is:

  • Over 80 custom shipments!
  • A load of new weapons including the famous ‘Customizable weaponry’!
  • Several new entities!
  • 13 NEW Jobs!
  • Default jobs customized to support new content like weapons.
  • Factions system. Allows people with Donator/Respected/Admin status to join a Faction and RolePlay more seriously!
  • 3 Factions, with 5 seperate jobs each with custom Player Models and SPECIAL ABILITIES unique to each Faction!
  • NEW Printers!
  • NEW Printer Enhancers/Upgrades!
  • A NEW Armor system! Allows you to purchase Armor components to make regenerative Armor!
  • Build.In.Progress (B.I.P) EXP system! Will allow you access to new abilities, weapons, etc.

More Factions will be added over time. New weapons will be added for the Factions system. EXP system will be added soon. New, unique HUD’s for each Faction will be added. Vehicles will be added soon, specially designed for the Factions. Turrets designed for the Faction system (only one job in each Faction can make turrets and a limited number of turrets).

This is only a brief breakdown of what’s in store on our servers. More information can be found on our website ( We really need more Lua coders that are willing to help us. If you prove your worth you will get FREE Donator access items like the Factions system and some other goodies. We are also in need of some good, reliable Admins.
Please contact me by steam, this forum (post below) or on our forums (link provided above). Thankyou for reading and hope to hear from you guys soon.

Steam ID: CRUSADER_111
Skype ID: crusader_111
GHOST-Gang profile link:;u=2

Server down

I think he didn’t even portforward it correctly.

I looked at your website and it says you sell admin. Nice…

I also like one of your admin rules:

  1. Raping somebody
    Sometimes people are just annoying. In that case, just kill (rape as we call it) them and tell them to stop. But don’t start an RDM-fest.

Yeah that was the Owners wrods and not mine, I’m currently re-writing the rules, and soon the Buying Admin will be gone but you will be able to GAIN Admin when you played long enough and proved your self. In turn you would then be able to Donator to be able to have access to the special features.

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If you read the initial post I’ve already said the servers are DOWN because we have money issues. The servers will be back up soon.

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Yeah they will be back up hopefully soon.

Why advertise a server that’s not even online at the time of advertising?
Also, you made two threads, class act.