"Ghost, get off from that SSN, SSN is going to explode."



The RIB model looks pretty bad; really low-poly and the shading is quite poor.

Link to the zodiac?

Came with the scuba divers.

Same shit different day.

Think you guys will do anything unique any time soon…?

Great, another generic crouching, shooting off screen at nothing picture. Only this time you upped it a notch by making it a generic crouching, shooting off screen at nothing picture on a boat.


These damn Koreans with their daily generic screenshots and occasional private models.

Why is it that I always see ddok or tlsaudrl end their posts with “:P”?
Like others said, it’s generic. However, it’s well posed.

I dunno why anyone is against generics, they’re exactly like sex poses but different.

The same idea, in this case shooting off screen, portrayed in another way, and its the same with sex poses.

And yet no-one complains.

Dont abusing korean u dumbass.

It is my habit, but he copy me. He is wannabe :stuck_out_tongue:

now now ddok

also tlsaudrl, sorry but really this is really boring

you are special guy, every time you challange some “NO GENERIC” things
don’t you?


well this is my limit

someday i gonna try Really special things


oh lol

No, I think you are the “special” one.
Ha ha!

yes i am special one

but my things are pretty generic!

That made me chuckle.



In fact, I’m making fun of you.

Which you don’t understand.

Which leads me to a certain assumption.

No I think that he found it funny that you failed at the insult. Good day.

Also I’d change to the title to:

“Ghost, get off that SSN, the SSN is going to explode!”

You keep leaving your 'the’s out :cop:

I think that picture can apply to you.

Because you obviously don’t understand he doesn’t give a shit what you think of him.


Keep it simple mate, you can try other stuff later :stuck_out_tongue: