Ghost Hunters


This has been a project of mine for a while, after countless rewrites its finally in a working fashion for me to release! So you might be asking, whats the point in this gamemode? Well its simple!


The aim is simple, finish the map. The maps are designed to be “Scary” and generally a challenge, once you have reached the end you will be greated by cake and an epic dance will commence till you load the next map! Its super co-op fun!

*Please note that you will need to download maps for this gamemode to function *

Current supported maps


Please note that this gamemode is still very new and things might not exactly work, but don’t worry I’ll be updating this regularly!

How to get into the admin system

Currently if you host the gamemode as a listen server it will automatically make you an administrator. Simply type into console gh_admin .

*Please note that the functions of the admin system are still under construction *

Feature List

Fun to play
Admin System
Custom HUD and scoreboard
Checkpoint system
Slender Mode

Download Links w/ pictures

Steam workshop only at the moment!

Very interesting! I like it! What are some future features your thinking of currently?

Oh lots of wonderful features like “Slender mode” and Ghost credits!

Seems very nice. I’ll check it out!

Why is Ghost Hunter including all gm_ maps in its category?