"Ghost, I'll watch your back."



Doesn’t even look like Gmod, Awesome job.

Soap MacTavish model = do want.

Nice use of bloom, usually it’s either too much or too little. This is JUUUUUST right.

Nice posing as usual.

Awesome man, this pose just sticks out from the other ones you’ve done.

Very good. The shell looks quite out of place, but the rest is awesome.


Is someone just spamming the “dumb” button?

…thought so.

Welcome to Facepunch.

Great effects very and great idea very

Awesome work ddok!

Damned Nice work mate!
Looking foward to those models!

Awesome and kinda funny at the same time. Were is everyone getting the single player mw2 guys from? I have only seen the rangers and shadow company.

Too much bloom.

It needs more bloom.

soap want

Looks amazing. But the woodland camo drew my eye, and the desert camo rifle made me notice it. I couldn’t do near as good as a job. Just trying to point that small idget out :slight_smile:

Please tell me Ghost’s not hit