Ghost in the shell AI tanks


Ghost in the shell AI tanks


Those models are not made by me!
I only ragdolled them.

converted from “X operations” custom contents
model/skin: tunderera

bones based on mariokart64n’s tachikoma (a bit edited).

Awesome. My new robot pictures are now complete. :keke:

Nice job. Is there a link to where you originally got this?

Thanks comments!

I wrote original link on readme file.
please refer it.

or this

The auther already released arm suit and T08A2.

Arms suit? Do want in Gmod. Especially if it comes with the rifle.

Great job, speaking about robots, you should try ragdolling the robots from neotokio.

Good job with these, making me want to pose PMCs and Neotokyo models.

Arms suit is a do want - especially if it’s finger-posable.

Holy shit, and I just met Mary McGlynn from GITS this past weekend at Otakon. Now this?

Just, win.

my god i was looking for the think tank models

Nice models there matey got my download!
One question whats the Arm Suit and the T08A2 /:S

Well it’s about god dam time someone finished this! Great job man.

Arms suit is military power armor, and I forget what the other thing is.

Talk about a grand coincidence, i was just coming here to look for those models…


Mmmmmm Military power armor eh? Chears for enlighting me.
I Just looked them up and the power armor looks suitably badass and the T08A2 reminds me of a crab/spider with f*uking guns! I hope they gets released aswell coz that’d be epic!

Thanks many response and downloading!
I started Arms suits converting ,please wait till next day.

looks sexy :slight_smile:

Berserk big tank.

Nice job.