Ghost In The Shell: First Assault models thread

So I was wondering if anyone is working on this and if they would like me to upload the game files for this?

I did some looking around, and it’s using GameBryo.


Here’s a link to the data files for the game.!hos3hbgA!osg5PEdocR4ytQqjcupVhg


I hope somebody port Motoko model from this game. This be excellent.

Can you create torrent with game client? I try open models.

Why a torrent? Just use something like and host the files there.

I don’t know size of files. Download 10gb from Mega - this is not very convenient.

In the “data” folder for the game, there’s a “model.dat” file that’s around 100 mb. Anyone know how to extract its contents? I’d like to help if I can and I’m assuming the models are in there.

It’s only 2.1gb so I’ll upload it all, but it’ll be in a folder so you can download what you want. All the animations are in a qsa format in their own folders so those could probably easily be retargeted.

Here’s a look at the folder structure.

Little more snooping its using this format.

Gamebryo File Format, Version

So does it have models in .nif and textures in plain old .dds and all that?

Yeah its got the ol’ .dds and .nif with it. Just need to know what the .dat is packed with.

Thats the header for the file, the second part doesn’t matter.

Ok, wait uploading. Thank you.

Updated OP with a link to the files.

This game is nothing but a camping fucking lag

“DAT files is encrypted. Need full game for research.”

Can you upload it?

hope people on xentax figure out how to get models, i need the batou model

If this game was based on original story i doubt it could survive a long a time… Tries to be CSGO, but plays not so fun atm.

But models are really good.

I don’t think the .dat files are encrypted. I can see all the data for each file easily by just HxD the .dat

I mean I can try extracting a file and seeing how it goes. Well gonna have to edit NikSkope so I’ll comment back with what I found.

Yeah thats what I thought. they aren’t.

I’ll have all of it up on SFMLab and source on mega soon.

I am looking forward to these models.

I’m looking forward to seeing the weapon models, I’d like to port them when I get the time.

So I just watched the videos in Youtube. I see landmate in the trailer is it not part of the game?

Wow, I’m very excited for this. Nice job on the progress so far :joy: