Ghost investigating an underground installation.

Empty widescreen but that’s the idea. Text on wall could use some work I know just not sure how.

Fuck, thats some atmospheric lights right there.
Also nice pose.

Camera angle sucks. Bring it in.

That, or bring it out. It would make the picture look more atmospheric if there was a massive world of darkness around him, and we only see a small figure with a small flare light, lost right in the middle of it.

Did anyone notice the two girls in the green smoke?

Oh shit I can actually see one, at the top right of the smoke.


I like it, have some artistic :slight_smile: But why does he have an SIG 552? Or is it just an modified M4?

It’s an LR-300.

Aha, thanks then I know :slight_smile:

looks half assed

You’re probably right as it took a lot less time than usual but please elaborate.

Ghost is probably looking at the chick in the smoke

Pretty nice, I like the lighting.

It has left very it great