Ghost Mode TTT

I decided to make this little gamemode a while back.
It’s not really its own gamemode.
But it’s unique enough to be called a gamemode.

The concept is TTT, with one twist: The traitors don’t know who the other traitors are.
This leads to increased confusion, bluffing, deception, and chaos.

Traitors lie to innocent. Innocent lie to traitors.
People are less prone to go Rambo because they might kill a traitor buddy unless they survey carefully.

There are a few new features in this mode, some of which are:

  • Local Chat - All players can chat locally with the shift key and team chat (Orange Colored). No more traitor chat. No more detective chat.
  • Stricter Karma - Making a mistake is (by default) debilitating, so players are less trigger happy.
  • Traitor Scoreboard Option - You can tag players as “TRAITOR” in the scoreboard as a traitor. This will put the T above their head and the red ring on your crosshair when you look at them, just like normal.
  • Longer default time limits - Rounds will likely last much longer anyway.

Local chat is loud when close and gets quiet as players move away.
You can use local chat to have a private conversation with a specific person. Ask if they are a traitor. Reveal if you are a traitor. Beware being overheard, though.
Someone might tell you they are a traitor and be innocent, someone might tell you they are innocent and be a traitor. Nobody knows. Nobody but you.

To answer a few questions:

  • Detectives are still visible to all.
  • Killing a traitor as a traitor is usually not RDM unless the killer knew beforehand. Karma will punish the accidental teamkillers.
  • Global chat still exists, and is meant to be used at all times when local chat isn’t specifically necessary.

The gamemode hasn’t been truly playtested yet. I’m eager to see how it turns out. If it’s a flop, it’s a flop; but it might end up being fun. Who knows.
If it turns out to be more than a waste of time I’ll make it a convar rather than a separate gamemode. That way it can be toggled easily.

I’ll be giving a link as soon as I retrieve the files from my old dead test server that nobody (including me) ever played…
Anyone who tests it please feel free to comment and give suggestions. Try to have at least 8 players when you play. Otherwise it’s just regular TTT.

Oh boy, this will just add much more confusion to the gamemode than before. And most likely, more RDM (even though there’s “stricter karma”, everyone’s karma will go down the shitter).

I’m torn between thinking this is baffling and actually wanting to try it out.

decent concept

Nice idea! I like it. TTT-Hardcore :#

Sounds interesting if you have the right people playing

Do you have an actual release? I’d love to use this.

Turns out the guy who had the files lost them.

I could remake it, but…

Well Idk if I have the drive right now.
Maybe someday.

I think I could reproduce it, so thanks for the idea at least

How would this work at all?
You wouldn’t know if anyone else is a traitor unless you see them attack/kill someone, so the first traitor to take action wouldn’t be able to know if the person they are trying to kill is a traitor.

I have no idea how it would work, to be honest. I find that the most interesting part of all.
Seeing what kind of sociological relations develop in this kind of situation makes it worth making and worth playing.

I never got a chance to test it.

May I ask how the title links to the gamemode? Is it ghost mode because everyone is unknown or am I missing something from this information?