Ghost ragdolls

Whenever I spawn a ragdoll with the advanced duplicator, there is a laggy ghost also spawned.

… Okay…?

Dude why do you do this…you post NOTHING helpful in this thread AND in mine. Thats a reason for a ban right there. He is obviously looking for help.


do you have more information or perhaps a screenshot?

And does his question have anything to do with lua/lua newbs?


Is it even a question?

Thats why i asked for more info, he may be using a bad addon.

But yes it is definitely a question.

Yeah, you should stop posting unhelpful stuff like that.

And OP, code and screenshot?

Cause I want people to understand that this:

“I did this and that happend,” is not gonna get you anywhere.

People need to learn to put effort into their threads.

I agree, my post is unhelpful, but, the OP isent even a question, it’s just a sentence.

Even this post right here was unneeded. You’re not doing anything for the OP. He posted this obviously as a question to see if anyone else had the same problem and could fix it. Once he reads this and sees that his problem is unique, he should provide us with some screenshots or code.

Try to put more effort into YOUR posts you hypocrite.

I just love the constant drama in this section:smile:

On-topic: The ghosts from the advanced duplicator have been bugged for a long time, no? As in they sometimes stay at the map origin and never dissapear.

Yes execpt it always happens. Oddly it worked just fine a couple weeks ago…

Did you try updating the svn?

Yes and pic