Ghost Recon: Wildlands models (Archive_Next)

Hello, I was thinking about making a thread dedicated to GR: Wildlands models.

I do not have the game myself but was thinking if people with the game could extract some models.

Here’s the new updated Archive_Next:
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I’ll take a poke around.

Ill see if I can help out

I’m having some trouble with the program. Throws a bunch of errors at me when I try to preview a model, but I can still extract them, along with the textures. Some of them, anyway. Also get some errors upon trying to import the .obj files into Blender.

I was about to post this same thing. It crashes the second I try to look at most things.

Errors explained on xentax

I have some good news

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So I guess now the question is, what models do you want?

Well, I was thinking about if I could get my character I made back in the beta :smiley:

It’s definitely possible.

you’d have to rip all the individual parts that you used to make your character and then mashem all up. But like soul_ said, its absolutely possible.

yeah I thought that as well, but still, that’d be nice to have :smiley:

This sounds awesome, does it extract bones and weights too?

Also, military vehicles and weapons would be great.

i dont think so but I saw in the xentax thread about the Archive_Next that there was talk about bones and weights. They’d be nice to have as well, for GR and Rainbow Six models alike.

Weapons of course that would be great

I actually tested the weapons and just like the playermodels, they are chopped up into all their parts

How do textures for weapons look? (could someone upload some example ones)[/t]

Found all of these under the TAR-21 section

Not sure if that is what you were looking for but it’s all the bones for the TAR-21

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Found a gun that appears to be a reward for owning/playing The Division

can you upload the original textures?(like in a zip file) dont convert game textures to PNG ever since it gets rid of important stuff, are the original files in dds?

Could you actually get me the TAR-21? Meshes and textures. But don’t save it as PNG, use TGA or BMP.

Can do. I was just uploading so you could look at them easily on FP.

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They appear to be in rawdds

[editline]28th March 2017[/editline] Here’s all the TAR-21 stuff that isn’t the predator, which I assume is one of the many boss weapons. I exported it as rawdds and rawdds_t. If you need another format let me know. The skeleton is in there too. uncompressed zip.