Ghost sliding under a car thats flying because of a rocket

C&C please.

A rocket wouldn’t launch a car like that, unless of course you put the rocket on the car and used it as some sort of engine… but I’m guessing that’s not what your title is implying.

Posing looks okay, but I’m not sure you could have picked a worse camera angle.

u should make explosion on the car and titled it : Ghost sliding under a car which has flipped because of a rocket.

I’ll translate what i’m about to say in your language " U SHULD LERN2GRAMMAR CUZ IT R NT GAY"


Thanks chesty.

In all honesty, though, it does look pretty bland. At least use some postprocessing and definitely get a better camera angle.

OP just got Garrys Mod and is now posting poses.

He’s fucked.

New to GMod or what?

The title made me laugh.

I was actually looking forward to seeing this picture for most of the day. I expected some awesome sliding pose the car barely missing him with some awesome explosion nearby. Clearly I put my expectations too high.

Only cool thing is the titel.
Everything else is gay.

Looks like shit. It’s just him laying on the ground with a floating car above him with bad graphics and JPEG compression, which you should fix for a screenshot since we can’t see how slow you’re going in a screenshot.

I clicked on the thread and the first thing I read was this.
Had a good laugh on it.

I’ve had it for a long time jackass.


Proof from back when I sucked more badly at posing.

even check the threads I’ve made, its on that list from Febuary 09.

I’m pretty new to posing, but not Garrys Mod, and I think it’s not that terrible. The solder’s position isn’t bad. It’s the rest of the picture really. The bland background plus low end graphics kind of kills it.

without any edit it looks like hes just lying there with a floating car above him

Its on high and I use an Nvidia 9600 GT :frowning:

I think it’s the AA.