Ghost tackling allie.

Special thanks to Bodenlan for editing it.


It’s okay, Bodenlan went fookin crazy with the shading though, like he used to before he learnt better.

Wow. That’s some fancy shading. :downs:

It looks great except for the guy in the background, he’s awkwardly positioned.

I now quit Mw2

Why? Did my picture make you quit mw2? :ohdear:

no,hackers did
for me it did

No, There are way to many Mw2 pictures. and it’s getting really annoying

I only just got the models and wanted to do something nice with them :saddowns:

gives pass

I’ll let you slide

BTW guys, why am I getting bad spellings?

Ally = singular
Allies = plural

You combined the two.

Oh :saddowns:


Can a mod change the title please?