Ghost update: new game mechanics and features?

Las Saturday night Garry rolled out a “ghost update” with 3 big game changing features:
-Crouch and Jump mechanics have completely changed, if you hit something with your head you “bounce” down, this makes impossible to jump on blocks with floor on top or through windows.
-Codelocks on armoured doors cannot be operated from the outer part, if you aim to the codelock from the outer part of the door you only see the “open door” message, I don’t know if this is a feature to prevent code guessing or hacking or actually intended.
-Night colour palette completely changed to prevent people playing with the gamma settings to have “night vision”, nights are really black now when there is no moon.

Could you please confirm if these are really intended game features or bugs? (I’m pretty sure about the third one: this is to encourage people to build searchlights and streetlights)


I’m almost positive codelocks are definetly a bug.
Regarding crouch jump, I noticed it too. It’s not impossible (I did it a couple times last night). If it is a bug or not though, I do not know.
As for night colours, I think you’re right, it’s intended.

Why would they release an update without telling the community?

They release hotfixes for issues with updates. Sometimes the hotfix includes minor changes/updates/features which didn’t get finished in time to be inculded in the main Thursday update

I’ve seen today a windmill in a server, an admin placed it. I think the appearance of the electricity is imminent an this will bring some new mechanics and strategies (just imagine causing a blackout on a compound during a night raid… :hypeisreal: )

Light wouldn’t be a problem (campfires and lanterns give a lot of light), but yeah, I get your point.
But I wonder how electricity will really affect most of the game mechanics. So far, nothing relies on anything remotely close to electricity, and not many things that are being talked about in devblogs head towards an important use of it. Maybe put lightbulbs on the ceilings or electric fences and traps, but I can’t think of many other things.

Maybe some kind of cold room to store food (so that it doesn’t spoil overnight) or electrical ovens to cook large quantities at once, but I don’t think it would be wise to head towards a “too realistic” approach.

I think with electricity we will see something similar to Redstone being implemented. Or wiremod in GMod. I think there will definitely be buttons to open doors remotely, possibly new doors altogether (think supermarket automatic sliding doors). Lights, electric fence. Excited to see other possibilities it could bring as well.

I mentioned it to the guys on Rustafied and they contacted Garry, here are the answers:

Changes over the weekend

A small patch was released Saturday evening which included a couple unannounced (and some unintentional) gameplay changes…

Codelocks only work on one side
At the moment, you can only bring up the codelock keypad if you are on the inner side of the door (when they are armored). I’ve confirmed with Garry this is an unintentional bug, so it should be fixed this week.

Jumping on blocks
The dynamic of crouch jumping has shifted, making it now impossible to jump on a half block if there is a ceiling (floor piece) above. Thankfully also to be short lived, I mentioned this to Andre and he told me he’d put it on his list.

Nights are darker
Boosting your gamma just became much less effective as some serious changes to lighting at night were put in. Although still able to make out objects in certain conditions, many angles and views are simply black, no matter how blindingly high your gamma is set.