Ghost Vs Nightmare

Hey guys Im back but With bad news I think I lost my touch
So if you guys can help with Some C&C so I can get better That would be Nice
And make sure you explain whats wrong and also I did not edit this one cause I forgot how to but Ill learn at some point


oh god what

All I can say that is wrong is the lighting, that’s way off. And it doesn’t quite looks like their going to battle each other, it just looks like ghost is going to run right past him. Other than that the poses are pretty nice.

Thank you for telling me that

Ghost is going to be eaten, digested, excreted, then eaten again.

dibs on the mask!

are we able to use 3D glasses on the roof?

I gave him some lightsabers He might have a chances

Ghost would win. That guy probably wouldn’t be able to lift his sword in time and even if he did, the lightsabers would slice right through it. Jap big sword fetish is no match for the SAS.

Yoda, Vader, and the Apprentice were all in Soul Calibur IV. :eng101:

They are easily beaten by Nightmare solely because of his attack reach and power.

Do you think anyone really cares what happened in some dumb Jap fighting game?

Those are supposed to be lightsabers?

This is disturbing in a bad way.

I do. ;3 And it’s not dumb, Call of Duty Modern warfare 2 is the most dumb game in the world in my opinion, but Soul Calibur IV isn’t so bad. May seem boring to you because you’re mostly into fps games. Also Nightmare would actually get an easy ring out if he hits ghost once.

ghost is badly posed but i dont blame you its the actual models

The picture “Ghost vs. Nightmare” by luckymonster13 is a deep and emotional tribute to human fears and us overcoming them. In the following text I will be trying to analyse its meaning and
underlying themes, pointing out the authors intentions and explaining why this work of art is sure to leave a permanent mark in art history:

  1. Composition
    The eyecatcher of this piece are undoutebly the two characters in the foreground, depicted in a colorful and detailed style. Both are standing on a corrugated ironroof which is extanding from the far left to the bottom righthand corner, forming a big plane and taking up a large part of the picture. A helicopter is flying above their head in direction of the viewer. In the background, houses, a tower and a blue energyfield are forming a border around the scenery.

  2. Interpretation
    A common man, anonymised by his mask, is fighting his fears, incarnated as a swordwielding devil, seemingly invincible and with inhuman strenght. The mans body has a green and a red half, symbolising his good and his bad side. To overcome his fear, he needs to combine both.
    Even though the character set-up in conveying an optimistic message, if you look at the image as a whole you will notice that no matter how hard he tries, his efforts will be futile: The houses and energy field trapped him in this “prison” and his only chance of escape, the helicopter, has allready taken off, leaving him behind. So his efforts of battleing his nightmares are eventually a lost cause. This pessimistic outlook is further emphasised by the generaly grey colorscheme and the bland, grey sky.

Yes I used the soul calibur lightsabers and I dint edit the picture at all so Thats what they look like nothing i could do about it


I have to say what you just said Made me Happy and sad at the same time Im actually speechless So I give you a big thank you It’s wierd cause I really cant think on how I can reply to that better

Ghost is screwed.

Gave me a good lol there, MasterFGH.

Also, having a lightsaber would not automatically garuntee you victory in the Soul Calibur universe…