Ghostbreakers #4 - "First Day on the Job"

I can’t even think of a one liner to do this justice. Stop reading this and click the damn thumbnail already to view the comic!

Read the other ones first!

Reading it gives me the chills. I like it.

Story is so good.

Like I said last time.

And the times before.


Thanks. :smiley:

Already written #5 and I think I’ll put a little more focus onto plot development now that I’ve got a few things out of the way (like getting the characters where I wanted).

EDIT: I’ve just written out a bunch of key plot points (subject to change but I’ll likely stick to the general path I’ve laid out), so we don’t have to worry about this comic ending up like Lost… shudders

Read all of em, well done

Not bad. Found them entertaining.

YOU are my hero.
**JUST **amazing.
LOST in that comic of yours.
THE most awesome ghost comic yet.
GAME is not very good from BestBuy…Meh.

Really nice, keep it up.

Oooh, I like this series.

I really like where this comic is going, i see a great future for this.

Thanks guys. #5 will be up within the next week… or two…

That’s some nice 404’s you’ve got there.

Why are they all wearing Best Buy shirts instead of their “Ghostbreaker” equipment.