Ghostbuster comic!

just u know the posing are supposed to be bad :slight_smile: listen to this while watching

Slimer+Sandvich= not good.

Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!

Come ghostbustrz i need halp!

Ze ghostbuster is here!

Heavy! come now

What you want now.

kill ghosts !

time too run cowards!

Nom nom nom




smash sound

Lets go… i am hungry.

thanks ghost busters!

im trying to be nice here: posing needs improvement it needs editing only have tf2 people on a tf2 map and please do not use face poser thinking it’s funny

the posing were ment to be bad

I love this comic.

Troll detector goes beep-beep-beep.

then post this in the troll pose thread


i were bored and i wanted to post it because i hate having something on my computer without using it.

Not wanting to have something useless on the HDD is a pretty good reason, but the overall thing seems to lack effort and people here don’t like half-assed stuff. And then it turns into a flame war, one way or another.

Nothing is ever “supposed to be badly posed”

It just a stupid cop-out to cover the fact that you are either terrible at posing or just a lazy bitch who doesn’t want to bother putting any effort into something.

Your avatar fits with your post :v:

Crap comic belongs in troll thread. Posing is shit, overdoing faceposing isn’t funny. Improve alot and don’t post this stuff here

I love it

Shift+Supr is your answer.