ghostbuster map

It is a map i are working on
I have just started on the map
Day 1

Day 2

I have some problems with hammer i can’t compile the map
I think my computer hates me

It doesn’t look that bad at all. Especially considering you just started on it. Also, a few grammar tips. Capitalize ever I that refers to yourself, capitalize the first letter of every sentence, and put a period at the end of every sentence. You’ll go far if you finish this and it looks good.

It’s really blocky. You have no light sources for your lights. It also looks like you have a leak. There are zero props other than the doors and no things that make your map interesting.

Don’t make a video if all you want to show is some square rooms and light entities. Try and build pillars into the walls, make windows, attach pipes to the ceiling, make it seem like the rooms actually have a function. If the function is merely storage, then put some crates in there.

Can’t do Source without crates.

The wheel thing looks pretty interesting, is it a lock for that door?

I wouldn’t say its bad, but you can do more with the lighting. Add pipes and other little details later.

cooooollllllllllllll man

i hope it was worth bumping an dead thread

Bad texturing I may say and that pipe looks strange

Yay old threads! God dammit :sigh: