You make a fuckload of threads.

I remember somebody was working on them, but I don’t know what happened to it.

I think S-low said he was working on them but they were to high poly or to high poly for the CSS engine at the time

TheSniper9 was working on some custom Ghostbusters stuff a while back when people were asking for these before, I don’t know if anyone was bothering with the game ones then or not.

The models are too high poly, the Proton Packs alone were over 70,000 polys.

You shitting me?

God damn, oh well I could never load this game with 3DX ripper

To bad S-Low died :frown:

I really don’t think that’s the case

Saying he died the 24th and him posting on the 28th

Makes sense

Eh? What you on about @.@ When did this happen (the alleged dying).

Does UModel not work?

I don’t think this game runs on Unreal

Also about S-low

Ah it appears that it was originally going to be on the UT3 engine but the released version had it’s own engine.

Also that S-Low thing is clearly rubbish as you pointed out.

seems people only care about models not that he’s dead

Yeah but he’s not dead.