GhostHunt Gamemode

I had always wanted to do it but never thought it would work but I have always wanted to make a GhostHunt gamemode similar to the maps. But with more random events and maybe a custom (bigger) map. Since it’s not too complicated in terms of what the gamemode would hold, it shoudn’t be as hard as any fancy rp or team based gamemode. But I am very new to Lua coding.

Would anyone be willing to come on board for this?

Also who would be interested in playing something like this with others? Mainly to those who played the maps.

can i be an ideas guy

ill be map designer

i can like copy and paste stuff from the wiki for you.

This is a great page to get started. While your brainstorming the idea, start jotting down notes of features you would like to implement so you don’t forget them.

If you get truly stuck, try the Lua Help section of the forums. But only contact them if your in dire need, like you get an error you can’t figure out.

Good luck with your gamemode!

ok heres an idea

hear me out guys

what if we

put ghosts

and hunt them

You’re pretty funny man (Y)

haha. But yeah I would love to try and get something like this going, ghosthunt was fun and with others too, but had limitations with just a map. If it was a larger map and instead of scripts in the map we did lua stuff, it could be a whole lot more.

I am aroused by this idea.