GhostHunt is my first gamemode for Garry’s Mod, it started with the basic idea of improving immersion when playing scary/horror based maps. It is no where near as complicated as some other gamemodes.


  • Sanity effect (only on supported maps)
  • Custom HUD
  • Custom vignette effect
  • No sandbox spawning! Stop people cheating on maps
  • Noclip is admin only
  • Random player model selector
  • Stamina system
  • Console commands for full control
    & much more!


Console Commands
gh_flashlight - Toggle players using flashlight (0 = off, 1 = on, default: 1)
gh_walkspeed - Set the players walkspeed (default: 120)
gh_runspeed - Set the players runspeed (default: 210)
gh_pvpdamage - Allow pvp damage (0 = off, 1 = on, default: 0)
gh_stamina - Enable/disable the stamina system (0 = off, 1 = on, default: 1)
gh_allowgravpunt - Allow players to shoot props with the gravity gun (0 = no, 1 = yes, default: 0)

Map Support
So far the following maps are supported for the sanity system:

  • gm_ghosthunt_2
  • gm_ghosthunt_3
  • gm_paranormal

If you are a map maker and wish to get your map supported then contact me.

WolfKnight (me) - Creating and coding the gamemode.
Patrick Hunt - Camera materials/models, and for letting me use and modify the camera script.

Here is the workshop link with all of the images and other information if you’re interested:

Amazing work for a first custom coded gamemode. Keep it up.

Thanks man! :slight_smile:

good luck with further dev on this!
Reminds me of Outlast =]

Thanks for the message! I am at work on more features such as dynamic map support!