Ghosting / Desync or something like that

Hi everyone.
Since the patch before the last one (2 week ago or something) im having some kind of desync problem that makes the game unplayable for me, and it happens at any server
The problem is that after 5 or 10 minutes in a server i see all the players freeze, and keep standing. i can´t open doors or containers (apparently) but other people see me moving (i see them frozen). Besides that if i have a gun and shoot the frozen players i would kill them (even if they are somewhere else), also, if i throw something from my inventory, i don,t see it falling, but other people do, and if i reconnect the item is gone. If someone kills me (because they see me moving but i dont) i dont see my death until reconnect, etc etc.
I tried reconnecting, suicide, reinstalling, rebooting the pc, changing graphic quality options, verifing cache data in steam, rebooting my modem, tried turning off firewall, drivers are up to date etc. but the problem persist.

I also get stuck 50% of the times in the loading screen (receiving data), when i can finish loading, the desync problem happens

i have a i7 4770
geforce gtx760
16gb RAM
internet connection of 30mb
windows 8.0
my friends have not any of this problems and they have same or worse specs/internet connection

i hope someone can help me with this issue

Similar Symptoms, since last patch.